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Baby Wearing – an addiction

I didn’t “wear” either of my boys much when they were babies. ¬†I had a ring sling, and I borrowed a pouch sling, and I attempted a homemade wrap… ¬†but I guess I never gave it a good try. ¬†This time around, I have a Sleepy Wrap, a Hotsling, a custom-made Mai Tai from a friend, and another carrier (I’m having a brain fart on which one) that I won while early in my pregnancy that another friend is using for the time being.


I am currently only using the Sleepy Wrap and the HotSling since Trinity is still so little, but I have already dubbed the wrap my all time favorite! ¬†I absolutely LOVE it. ¬†Yes, there is a lot of fabric to get used to dealing with, but it didn’t take me too long to get the hang of it. ¬†Once on, it is so comfortable. ¬†The weight is so evenly distributed, I don’t feel like I’m being pulled to one side or the other. ¬†When I wear a sling, I eventually start to feel sore on one shoulder (but maybe I’m just wearing it wrong).


This wrap is like magic. ¬†Trinity will fall asleep in it within minutes (usually). ¬†She seems to relax in it the second I put her in it. ¬†Most babies love feeling close to their mama – especially when they are still so little and the womb time is still so recent in their memory ūüėČ ¬†Trinity is no exception. ¬†I love feeling her so close. ¬†Not to mention, it frees my hands up for getting stuff done around the house. ¬†It also frees up the seat part of my cart (where one would typically put the car seat) for groceries (especially milk) – and she’s more likely to sleep longer while I’m wearing her than she would if she were in her car seat. ¬†She is pretty much only in her car seat when we drive. ¬†We do not take the seat out when we go places, we take her out and carry her instead. ¬†I know with the boys it was the opposite. ¬†One might think we’re setting ourselves up for a clingy baby that needs to be held all of the time, but she’s really not. ¬†She will play on the floor, content, and she can fall asleep on her own without someone holding her. ¬†I have yet to see a negative result of my baby wearing. ¬†I can’t say enough good things about it!

_MG_1223If you would like to try one out for yourself, there is a banner on my sidebar that will take you to the SleepyWrap website.  They have fantastic customer service and surprisingly fast shipping!  I ordered mine after Thanksgiving when it was on super sale Рand even though they had a ton of orders to process, I still received my wrap in days!

And now, because I promised a friend I would, I shall share a video of my favorite carry ūüėČ ¬†I know there are plenty of “how to carry” videos on YouTube, but none of them come close to being as goob-worthy as this one ūüėČ ¬†Yup, I am a complete dork. ¬†Enjoy!!

Sleepy Wrap carry from Mandi on Vimeo.

5 weeks = Interactive Smiles!

Like most babies, Trinity has been smiling since she was born. ¬†However, also like most babies, while these smiles are definitely precious and we loved those moments when we got to see those sweet little grins, we knew that she wasn’t smiling because she just loved us so darn much ūüėČ ¬†So we’ve been waiting patiently for her to smile at us interactively, and it seems like she was just waiting for that 5 week mark! ¬†Trinity now gives us the sweetest little gummy smiles {almost} whenever we “ask” for them! ¬†It makes both Ryan and I swoon ‚ô•

Here’s our baby girl talking with us and sharing some of her {not so rare any more} smiles!

Signs of Spring!

We’ve had a long winter. ¬†I mean, a REALLY long winter. ¬†For the better half of April, we still had snow on the ground! ¬†When it finally melted, we were all so relieved. ¬†It was gorgeous out for a few days. ¬†The kids and I (by the way, I am still getting used to saying “the kids” rather than “the boys” – but I love it!) were outside a lot! ¬†It was so good for the soul ūüôā


Tanner can now get started on his bike all by himself, and whenever we praise him for it, Cody makes sure we remember that he can also do cool things on his bike – like ride off the curb ūüėČ ¬†Competition much?


Ryan took advantage of the amazing weather last week and got a head start on our lawn. ¬†You see, as first time home owners, we are learning as we go. ¬†This year we learned why people rake their leaves before the snow falls ūüėČ ¬†It wasn’t a pretty sight when our snow melted to reveal all of the matted down, mashed up leaves on our lawn. ¬†Thankfully he’s gotten it all raked up (correction: he used a leaf blower, not a rake) and the grass is fluffed and the green grass is taking over the brown grass.

The boys have been big helpers too, picking up sticks (ahem, and dog poop) so Ryan can take care of the yard. ¬†It’s been exciting to see more green things sprouting up and buds on bushes we didn’t know were dead or alive! ¬†Since we moved here in the Fall, there were some plants that were already out of commission for the season, so we don’t know what our property looks like in full bloom! ¬†It’s exciting to see it take shape!


Next on the list (well, once the yard is done – Ryan is going to put down grass seed next) is a square foot garden in the back yard! ¬†We are so excited to grow our own fruits and vegetables! ¬†Ryan and I have enjoyed planning out how we want it to look and what we want to plant. ¬†A few of our must haves are tomatoes (me), radishes (him), carrots, cucumbers, and I’d like to figure out what needs to happen to grow our own pumpkins to have for this Fall – so any input on that would be much appreciated (I haven’t looked into when or how those need to be planted yet).

If only the Spring weather would stick around! ¬†This past week has been cold – with SNOW! ¬†A bit ridiculous considering we’re in the last part of April! ¬†Come on Spring, we want you here to stay!!

Are you gardening this year? ¬†What are some of your must haves to plant? ¬†What kind of garden do you have? ¬†What color is your thumb? ūüėČ (ahem, mine is NOT green, but I hope to fake it till I make it!)

Trinity’s Birth Story – Part 5: “Her entrance”

Don’t forget to check out part1, part 2, part3, and part 4 of Trinity’s Birth Story.

I don’t want to write this part. ¬†This part was NEVER a part of my vision for Trinity’s birth. ¬†Not even a thought in my head. ¬†It wasn’t an option.

This was the longest 30 minutes (ahem, plus the train time, plus getting gas time) of my life. ¬†Before we even got to the hospital’s entrance, I knew I was done doing this drug free. ¬†I had no more strength left in me. ¬†I was done. ¬†With each agonizing contraction, I gave up more and more of my will. ¬†As we spotted the sign for the exit to the hospital, I breathed out in between my contractions “I’m done. ¬†I can’t do this. ¬†I want an epidural.” ¬†Dear sweet Cheryl was so kind, she was sitting behind me speaking gently during my contractions, touching my shoulders to let me know that I wasn’t alone. ¬†Ryan was getting his hand crushed with each rush, but he never faltered, he was so strong for me.


Ryan dropped Cheryl and I off at the front door and I walked as fast as I could into those unfamiliar doors. ¬†This part I remembered well from Tanner’s birth. ¬†Having contractions as I was walking in, trying to go as fast as I could between them so I wouldn’t have to be in a weird spot during them. ¬†Once we got inside I could feel one coming, but there was a lady sitting in a chair in the lobby. ¬†I desperately did NOT want to be doing my “ugly dance” while holding on to her chair, so I did everything I could to make it past her and to the next set of chairs. ¬†I was successful, but I still wasn’t able to keep things pretty while having a pushing contraction… ¬†I’m sure everyone was sure I was about to drop a baby out right there on the floor. ¬†Or rip the chair in half. ¬†And I won’t even try to describe what I sounded like… ¬†but trust me, there was nothing “soft, gentle, or loving” about it.

The people in the Birthing Center of the hospital knew we were coming, so they were ready for us. ¬†That night they were super busy and overflowing with patients, but thankfully they were able to snag a bed for me (I can’t remember, but I think it was the last bed?). ¬†We exchanged necessary information at the desk, I scribbled a couple of signatures on papers that I still don’t know what they were for, and we made it to my new birthing room. ¬†I hated that my daughter was going to have to be born in this room, under the bright lights, surrounded by strangers, medication, and all those hospital noises. ¬†I hated it.

Trinity's Journey
Trinity's Journey

But I had more important things to think about than the first thing my daughter would experience as she entered this world. ¬†I wanted that epidural. ¬†I wasn’t joking, I wanted it NOW. ¬†Unfortunately they couldn’t give the epidural until they’d done lab work on me first, so we had to wait for that. ¬†Please keep in mind that at this point, I am still having contractions 2 minutes apart, and I am still uncontrollably pushing through them.

Trinity's Journey
Trinity's Journey

The nurse was so sweet, I really liked her. ¬†She was willing to get me the epidural, but she said more than once that she wasn’t so sure it’d get to me in time. ¬†She was fairly certain that Trinity was on her way out. ¬†I didn’t care. ¬†I was DONE. ¬†I had nothing left to give, physically or mentally. ¬†I just kept thinking, “I don’t want to be here. ¬†I don’t want to feel anything. ¬†I don’t want to experience this. ¬†This isn’t how it was supposed to be.”

Yes, quite selfish, I realize this.

Trinity's Journey

Since the epidural couldn’t get to me right away, I asked for something to help with the pain in the meantime. ¬†It helped take the edge off between contractions, but it didn’t do a single thing to ease the actual contractions. ¬†I was still miserable. ¬†At some point before the anesthesiologist came, I got a cervix check to see whether or not I really was about to “push that baby out”. ¬†Everyone was shocked to hear that I was still only 7-8cm with Trinity’s head nowhere near where it needed to be to come on out. ¬†When the anesthesiologist finally did get there, he gave me the regular overview – what he was about to give me, risks, benefits, side effects, etc. ¬†He also warned me more than once that “I can give this to you, but I don’t know that it will work in time. ¬†I think we’re about to have a baby soon!

Trinity's Journey

*sigh*  Wishful thinking my good sir.

Trinity's Journey

He gave me the epidural anyway, and when it went into effect, I felt worlds better.  I could still feel the pressure, but oh my goodness, I could finally rest.  I finally had some relief.  And now, hopefully my body could relax a bit and Trinity could finally come.  We were hoping that the epidural would help slow the contractions down a bit, giving me longer breaks in between them.  No such luck.

Trinity's Journey

One might think that with many strong pushing contractions, a baby would be born soon, right? ¬†After all, it appears everything is working the way it should. ¬†However, every time a mama has a contraction, her uterus is clamping down, squeezing, and that’s how the baby is pushed out. ¬†Medicated or not, home birth or not, the baby’s heart rate is periodically checked during contractions to see how the baby is handling these contractions. ¬†Accels (heart rate goes up) and Decels (heart rate goes down) are normal – to an extent. ¬†But when baby’s heart rate drops significantly or for long periods of time, it’s time to figure out why. ¬†For some reason, this baby isn’t getting oxygen, and it’s causing their heart to slow down.

Trinity's Journey

With my 2 minute apart contractions, Trinity started having decels. ¬†Not super surprising, but something to keep an eye on. ¬†They gave me oxygen and we switched positions. ¬†Unfortunately, when you have contractions that close together, it is essentially not giving the baby enough time in between to recover. ¬†Simply put: Trinity couldn’t catch her breath in between my contractions. ¬†It was decided that an internal monitor would be best so they could see what was going on with more accuracy. ¬†Of course, this was all stuff I previously wanted to avoid, but in this moment, all I wanted was a safe baby.

Trinity's Journey

Everyone was surprised that I was still having such frequent contractions, and the nurse even commented that “if you had been on Pitocin, we would have turned it off by now“. ¬†Trinity wasn’t doing so well and we were starting to get worried. ¬†A few doctors came in to assess me, and while I had dilated a little more, I still wasn’t “complete”, and Trinity’s head was still high. ¬†With her having these decels (that were starting to last upwards of 2 minutes long) one of the doctors gave me the “if she’s not born soon we will have to do a C Section” talk. ¬†Although it wasn’t as harsh as I just made it sound – it was actually very gentle, apologetic, and I could tell it wasn’t something they wanted to have to resort to. ¬†They formally asked for my consent at that point to do a C Section, which I was a little shocked by. ¬†I have been so anti-hospital for so long that I wasn’t expecting… ¬†well, humane treatment, I guess. ¬†I had assumed I would have to be putting up a fight to get everything I wanted, but that hadn’t been the case so far. ¬†I remember telling them “well, the last thing I want is a C Section… ¬†but the last LAST thing I want is a dead baby, so of course you have my consent if it’s needed“.

These people were amazing. ¬†So kind. ¬†I was even able to go over an unofficial “birth plan” with them all in the room – I made sure that when she was born I could hold her right away, I could nurse her, they wouldn’t cut the cord right away, they would let the placenta come on its own… ¬†and then of course I made sure they knew that we didn’t want her to get the erythromycin in her eyes or the Vitamin K shot right after birth. ¬†They were all on board with everything I’d asked for so far. ¬†I was pleased – despite this not being the location I would have chosen or the ideal circumstances, it was actually going to go relatively my way. ¬†I would still get to bond with my baby, I’d still get to pull her up to my chest, I’d get to kiss her and look into her eyes, and we’d have skin-to-skin time. ¬†It was far from my dream, but the most important parts were there.

Trinity's Journey

I started to feel a lot of pressure, even through the epidural. ¬†I was excited – finally she was low enough to where I felt like I needed to push her out! ¬†Because of the decels, and because I still hadn’t been fully “complete” before, they checked me again to make sure I had the green light to start the pushing part of this whole ordeal. ¬†I was stunned to hear that I STILL wasn’t quite there yet, and she was still not in good position! ¬†They had me lay as far over on my side/belly as I could, hoping that in that position it would encourage my cervix to dilate fully (I had a thick anterior lip). ¬†Some time in here it was also noted that I was bleeding ¬†more than is normal at this point in labor. ¬†I learned later that there was concern that I might be having an abruption – which could possibly also explain Trinity’s decel’s.

Through all of this, I don’t remember feeling scared or like this was going to end up bad (well, worse than it already was). ¬†I just knew I had been up for 2 days, I was exhausted, and I wondered what was taking so long for Trinity to be born. ¬†I knew that she was in a bad position, but I just assumed that it was causing the long difficult labor, not that anything was seriously wrong. ¬†I’m glad I was clueless.

It finally came time to try to push again. ¬†The Dr came back in and she checked me again. ¬†I STILL had an anterior lip (and apparently some other unknown mass of some sort that nobody knew what it was. ¬†I still don’t know what that was about, but they were all confused as to what was going on in there.) ¬†Despite the lip, they wanted me to try pushing again to see how things were going to go. ¬†The Dr kept assessing my cervix the whole time to see if she could coax that lip away. ¬†Everyone was so encouraging as I pushed, they told me I was doing a great job pushing… ¬†but I noticed nobody said anything about how Trinity was doing. ¬†Nobody mentioned that she was moving down, nobody mentioned how her heart was doing.

Then they told me to stop pushing.

The Dr said: “I feel her ear.”

Honestly, we thought Trinity had come down enough and the Dr was so far up there that she could feel up and around to the side of her head…

No, I feel her ear.  Her ear is presenting.

In labor, the most common presentation is vertex, or the head. ¬†That means the head is coming through the birth canal first. ¬†96% of babies are born this way. ¬†This is “ideal”. ¬†Anything other than vertex presentation is considered ‘malpresentation’. ¬†This includes breech, brow, shoulder, and more. ¬†In my case, Trinity’s ear was presenting… ¬†her head was sideways. ¬†I’m all about “other presentations are just variations of normal”, but I knew this wasn’t good.

To make matters worse, Trinity had been having a decel even after I had stopped pushing. ¬†It is at this point that this story becomes a blurry vortex of crazy for me. ¬†I remember it, but I don’t want to. ¬†Talking about it stirs up something in me that I can’t even begin to describe. ¬†The transfer to the hospital, at this point, was the least of my concerns now.

Your baby has been having a decel for 4 minutes now. ¬†She needs to come out, now. ¬†We need to do a stat C Section. ¬†This means they will put you under general anesthesia, and I’m sorry, but your husband will not be allowed in the room. ¬†Do we have your consent for this?

It took one word from my lips to change the mood from hopeful to emergency. ¬†Before I knew what was happening, they had everything unplugged from the wall, a rush of people came in, and I was out the door with barely a kiss from my husband. ¬†They literally ran me down the hall, the whole way I stared at the ceiling in disbelief fighting back burning tears with every thing I had in me. ¬†It didn’t work. ¬†The tears ran down my cheeks as I tried to keep my brave face on, the nurse and Drs encouraging me and explaining to me everything that was about to happen.

1155pm. ¬†I can’t believe I’m laying in an operating room. ¬†I can’t believe I’m not going to even be conscious when my baby is born. ¬†My sweet sweet baby, who had been amazing throughout everything, was now in danger. ¬†This couldn’t be happening. ¬†This couldn’t be further from my ideal birth story if I had tried. ¬†I was officially scared, broken-hearted, and completely devastated. ¬†As they got me all prepped and more numb than I could have imagined, the Dr came to my head. ¬†She said that since we’d been in the OR, Trinity’s heart rate had come back and stabilized for the time being. ¬†She told me that they were going to still work fast, but that they wouldn’t put me under unless they absolutely needed to, and that they were going to bring Ryan in. ¬†I was so relieved.

The entire thing was so surreal, I felt like I was in someone else’s body, going through someone else’s experience. ¬†I remember asking them if they had a mirror so I could at least watch her being born. ¬†They thought I was crazy (hey, I’d seen multiple C Sections before, I’m a nurse, and I wanted to see my baby!). ¬†I was bummed, but it wasn’t a big deal.

Ryan finally came in. ¬†My world stopped spinning just a little when he took his place by my head. ¬†My first question to him was, “did you bring the camera?”

He didn’t.

Trinity Anah was born at 12:15am on March 17th, with a cone head on the side of her head and a bruise on her ear. ¬†Words can’t explain what I felt when I heard that healthy, hearty cry just moments after they pulled her out. ¬†My baby was here. ¬†She was here and she sounded healthy. ¬†My emotions were all over the board. ¬†I was elated, and yet my heart was broken. ¬†I was happy, but I was sad. ¬†All I wanted was to hold my baby.

Trinity's Journey

Ryan was able to peek over the curtain after they pulled her out, and he got to go to the warmer with her as they checked her out. ¬†Her apgar’s were 8 & 9. ¬†Not bad for a baby who had been having a 4 minute decel not long before. ¬†That’s my girl.

When she was finally out, I finally let out all of the emotions I’d been trying so desperately to keep in. ¬†I sobbed. ¬†I still hadn’t seen my baby girl. ¬†She was 9lbs 3oz and 20.5inches long… ¬†but I had to ask them for those stats. ¬†I was so removed from it all. ¬†Everyone was either working to put me back together on the other side of the curtain, or working with my daughter to make sure she was ok. ¬†It seemed like forever, but Ryan finally brought her to me. ¬†She was all wrapped up so all I could see was her sweet little face. ¬†She was so alert. ¬†Ryan brought her down close to my face and gave me a little overview of what he’d seen and learned. ¬†I gave her a kiss through my tears and kept saying “I’m sorry baby, I’m so so sorry. ¬†This isn’t how it was supposed to be. ¬†I promise I will make it up to you, I promise.” ¬†Dear Ryan was so sweet and kept telling me there was absolutely nothing to be sorry for… ¬†but I still was. ¬†I felt like I failed in the worst way possible.
Trinity's Journey
Trinity's Journey

Trinity's Journey

It would be another hour before I would get to see Trinity again. ¬†Ryan went with her to the nursery to get her checked out and cleaned up, and I headed for the recovery room after I was all closed up. ¬†I was very numb, physically and emotionally. ¬†I had missed it all. ¬†I missed her first moments, I missed being one of the first ones to see her, I was missing her first few hours of life. ¬†Everyone else got to experience what I was supposed to have with my daughter. ¬†All I could think was that I was just so glad she was healthy. ¬†I think because she was healthy, I felt like I was able to be sad about the rest, you know? ¬†I mean, had she been born with health issues, I wouldn’t have cared HOW she came out, I just wanted her healthy. ¬†But since she was thriving, it was like I had permission to mourn. ¬†And I definitely mourned.

Trinity's Journey

Trinity's Journey

It hurts when I think that everyone else got to meet her first. ¬†It hurts to know that I can never get those moments back. ¬†It hurts to know that I have absolutely no photographic documentation of her actual birth. ¬†I don’t have those classic photos of her laying on the scale as they take her weight. ¬†I don’t even have pictures of the first time I met my daughter. ¬†All I have are my memories, and those are certainly not permanent.

Trinity's Journey
Trinity's Journey
Trinity's Journey
Trinity's Journey
Trinity's Journey
Trinity's Journey
Trinity's Journey

I’d been in the recovery room for almost an hour when they brought her to me. ¬†Her blood sugar was low so they wanted me to try to nurse her to get it back up. ¬†Unfortunately because I was so drugged and so numb (literally numb up to my chest still) I couldn’t get her to latch on. ¬†She was so sweet though, it didn’t seem to bother her. ¬†Even in that moment, the first moment I got to “hold” my daughter (which wasn’t even really holding since I was so numb), I felt robbed. ¬†Everyone was helping to either hold me or hold her in the right position. ¬†It was not a snuggle, it was not bonding, it was business. ¬†There was no gazing into each other’s eyes as we tried to figure out who this other person was. ¬†I sneaked kisses to her even though they kept trying to get her to nurse. ¬†Like I said, it was all business.

They took her away again to work on getting her blood sugar back up, and I fell back into a drug-induced, 2-days-of-being-awake, fog…

If you were to ask me then how I felt about her birth, I would probably tell you all about what a failure I was.  I would probably tell you how positively devastated I was.  I would probably tell you it was going to take me a long long time to work through everything that happened.

And those feelings were real. ¬†But as the days went on and I DID process through everything that happened, I saw just how much God had His hand on everything. ¬†I came to realize that we truly did everything we possibly could while we were at home. ¬†I came to realize that when we got to the hospital, everyone did everything in their power to help me have a vaginal birth. ¬†They were so kind, they did what they could to let me keep what little control I had left of my birth. ¬†Knowing that my Cesarean was truly the last resort and the only thing that could be done to ensure a healthy mama and baby, rather than a¬†scalpel-happy OB who just wanted to be done with their shift… ¬†It all helps. ¬†I still mourn the lost moments, but the knowing that my sweet baby girl is here, she is safe, and she is healthy means the world to me.

I know that I still have full permission to mourn the loss of my dream birth, and at times I still will. ¬†However, the feelings of undeserved blessings far outweigh the feelings of loss. ¬†So many things could have gone wrong, and they didn’t. ¬†Even if I DID get my dream birth, Trinity could have been born with medical problems, disabilities, or worse. ¬†So despite it all, my heart is at peace that she is here and she is alive and she is 100%, without a doubt, absolutely precious.


I also need to say a HUGE thank you to the amazing team at Health Foundations Birth Center.  Amy and Cheryl were both incredible midwives, I felt blessed to have them Рas well as the nurses, Cynthia and Jill Рattend my birth, and am indebted to them for their wisdom, kindness, gentleness, and insight especially when it came to transferring to the hospital.  Even at the hospital, I was able to ask their valued opinions on things as they were happening at whirlwind speed (in my perception).


Lastly, I also want to thank my dear friend Jenny for being my Doula. ¬†This was her first birth as a doula, and boy did she get an experience! ¬†She was amazing, absolutely amazing (and what a trooper, staying with me for the better part of 2 days!). ¬†Thanks also to my wonderful friend Whitney who also stuck around for the long haul and captured some of my most treasured memories – especially the moments I wasn’t able to witness first hand. ¬†I am forever grateful for those first photos of my daughter (and husband). ¬†And to my sweet sweet mother in love and sister in love who also sacrificed time and sleep to be with my family during this incredible time. ¬†Rachel, as always, was such a fantastic hostess to all of our guests, and so encouraging to me. ¬†And Rhonda captured on video so many moments that I would have otherwise forgotten or mis-remembered. ¬†I finally worked up the courage to watch some of the footage she took (the hospital part) and let’s just say, I can’t WAIT to see it all put together with photos and music. ¬†Priceless. ¬†Simply priceless.

Thank you for your patience as I work through this birth story in my own time.  Thanks also to those of you who reached out following my C-section with your own similar stories.  Your words of encouragement meant so much to me when I was so broken.

We are so blessed. ‚ô•

UtT on FB!

Under The Tapestry now has a Facebook page! ¬†I’d like to start using that page to post my blog updates rather than my personal page, but that might not happen right away. ¬†In the meantime, updates will be on both my personal page and the blog page.

I’d love to primp and prune my blog and do some fun stuff on here from time to time. ¬†I would love to do giveaways and post reviews as well! ¬†I am looking into referral programs and maybe will get to the point where I can post reviews for some of my favorite items and have the opportunity to give those products away!

I am fully open to suggestions for things you’d like to see on this blog. ¬†It will always and forever stay a personal blog (rather than a “blog for money” blog), but I would still love to spice things up every now and again ūüôā

So head on over to the Facebook page (there’s also a badge on the right side of the blog that you can click to get there) and ‘like’ Under The Tapestry!

Being There (via mamalooma)

She says it all so well. ¬†And at the end of the day it’s important to know that you are not your mom, sister, friend, or other trusted woman. ¬†You are you. ¬†With your own set of circumstances. ¬†You do the best you can with the information you have. ¬†At the end of the day it’s YOUR baby, your body, your breasts, and your choice. ¬†The key thing she hit on is SUPPORT. ¬†Whether you do or you don’t (breastfeed, formula feed, co-sleep,¬†circumcise, AP, organic feed, CIO, give a pacifier, etc) we all need the support of other mothers to help us through.

A friend posted this clip on Facebook this morning. I love it! Its not a bunch of women sternly telling you the only way to love your baby is to breastfeed. Its a chatty, true group of women telling you how it was for them, what they like about it, what they think about it. Mostly its just about giving the viewer right-ons. It is so refreshing to see! My favorite part? 0.26 seconds in, when … Read More

via mamalooma